The Call of God to Life – Dr. Patrick B. Reyes Author of Nobody Cries When We Die – 098

Hailing from one of the most violent neighborhoods in the country, from a community of field workers, Dr. Patrick B Reyes speaks with Mona this week about his book, Nobody Cries When We Die: God, Community and Surviving to Adulthood. Unlike many academic theology books, Nobody Cries is rich with not only theory, but also stories – many life moments that Dr. Reyes regards as God’s voice, spoken by a community that helped him survive incredibly difficult conditions and social systems. This interview shares some of these stories, framing an honest discussion about education, identity, prejudice, and what it means to call others to life, as God has called us. This work reminds us of how interconnected we are, and how vital it is to speak life to those who live in worlds of death.